Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Zoo-themed nursery decor

My inspiration for this blog post are these zoo-themed blocks I found in a magazine.... these would be great as nursery decor, and double as toys for your little one once they get older!

Here are some super cute and creative nursery ideas and accessories to follow this theme:

This mom draped burlap from the ceiling to give the appearance of a tent.  She also painted the mural herself using patterns.  Click on the "source" link below for how-to's on projects in this nursery:

I love the modern wall art in this nursery... this would be a really fun DIY project! 

In the above nursery, I love the way the artist incorporated the animals into the letters of the baby's name!

These large 3D wall stickers are wonderful!  Gives the feel of a mural but takes a lot less time:


I came across this bedding and love it for this theme!  The animals' eyes are absolutely adorable.

These bookends would also look great in a zoo-themed room:

Search Amazon.com for zoo nursery decor