Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Children's Book Storage

I have so many books for my little one and I'm having a problem with figuring out the best way to store them so that they are readily accessible to him once he is a little older and can look at them himself.  We have a house on the smaller side so space is a concern as well.  Here are some options I have found in my search:

Land of Nod has this nice bookcase that doesn't appear to take up too much room, plus I like the fact that the books can be stored facing out so that my little man could see them better.

Jonti-Craft has a big selection of both one-sided and two-sided book stands such as the one shown above.

R-Wire Works has this creative cat book stand, plus a dog one, as well as boy and girl book stands.

Gressco sells this super cute elephant book display, plus they also have something similar in a crocodile.

Also from Land of Nod, these shelves are very sleek and clean-lined and would look great in a more modern nursery.  They also look to be a fairly easy DIY project for a crafty woodworking person.

Again, from Land of Nod, this one is probably my favorite.  I'm going to see if hubby can build book bins similar to this (but longer) in little man's room.  Will keep you all updated on the project :)